Review Policy & Procedures

 ♡ My reviews rarely, if ever, contain spoilers, and in the rare instance that I do allude to something that could spoil the story I will always put a spoiler alert at the top of the post as a warning

♡ Not everything I review is a clean read and, in those instances, I will put a content warning at the bottom of the post

♡ Any post that happens to have affiliate links will be noted at the bottom of the post

♡ If a book was given to me by a publisher, author, review team, or any other entity I will document at the end of each post.

♡ I gladly welcome requests for reviews, but I cannot guarantee that I can fulfill all requests.  Having a busy schedule leaves a very small window for reading, but if I commit to review something I will review it eventually.  

At the moment, I am booked about 7 months in advance for general reviews

I also welcome requests for book launch teams, but cannot guarantee that I will say yes.  Request approvals are very dependent on my time and schedule, but if I have the time I'd love to help!

♡ Please submit any requests on my contact form on the sidebar.  In your request, please include the following:

            • Information about the book (i.e. title, genre, synapsis)


             Publication date

             Timeline for review

I should respond with 24 hours unless extenuating circumstances prevents me from doing so.

♡ All of my reviews are volunteered by myself, and are the viewpoints of Christi Flores, and Only By Grace Reviews only.

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