Our Way Home

One of my fondest memories growing up was bedtime.  I know you don't normally hear a child say that, and it wasn't that I loved to sleep, but I loved our bedtime rituals.  My dad would sing us goofy songs and get us all amped up, and then my mom would read us a Bible story.  I loved every moment but the best part was right before we would go to sleep and we would say the Lord's Prayer together as a family.  

When you're a child, you do not realize the significance of the Lord's Prayer.  You are actually speaking to the creator of the universe and the Lord's prayer is God's lesson to us on how we should pray.

In my Christian walk, prayer has always been a struggle and I cannot figure out why.  How can it be hard when God gives you the blueprint to prayer?  In Our Way Home, Daniel E. Paavola walks you through the Lord's Prayer and helps you gain the confidence to pray with power.

All those times that I prayed the Lord's Prayer I didn't really understand the depth of what I was praying.  I had just memorized it and recited it over and over.  Mr. Paavola unpacks each aspect of the prayer and helps you delve deeper into what it means to pray to our Father.

This is one resource that I can see myself going back to over and over again.  As I was reading I was constantly highlighting things that I wanted to remember.  When I sat down to write this review I realized almost half of my book is highlighted!  A wonderful reference and resource!

Each line of the prayer is broken down and explained in simplistic terms.  The analogies that are sprinkled throughout the book paint such a picture in your mind that you will not forget the principles taught.

I highly recommend Our Way Home for anyone who wants to enrich their prayer life and get closer to the Lord.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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