Grace in the Mirror

Who doesn't love a good fairy tale?  What about a fairy tale with a contemporary twist?  That's exactly what you get with Grace in the Mirror by Kristy Tate.

Grace James is a sixteen year old girl who's life has been turned completely upside down.  She is having to move from her home with her mother, older sister, and younger brother and live with her mother's parents in Santa Magdalena, away from her friends.   Grace's father has been deployed which adds to the difficulty her family is facing but then there is the transition to a new town with a new school where she doesn't know anyone.

To help out her family financially, Grace takes a job at an antique shop and soon strange things begin to happen to her.  She starts to hear voices, tiny men are following her everywhere she goes, and she is continuously mistaken for someone named Blanche.

Grace makes friends quickly and adjusts to life in Santa Magdalena, and dealing with her selfish grandparents, as more oddities continue to happen.  The entire story is definitely geared towards a teen audience but intermingled is fairy tale hints which keeps the reader intrigued.

Grace and Brock (the antique shop owner's son) are two characters that you easily fall in love with and root for the entire story.  There is enough mystery to keep you turning the pages, but the ending leaves you with more than a few questions than answers.

All in all I say this was a fun read.  It's definitely a young adult book but it was cute.  The only thing were a few of those unresolved issues that I hope will find resolution in the next installment.  If you love fairy tales and innocent romance with a touch of suspense you will like Grace in the Mirror.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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