I have always had a desire to garden.  Growing up my grandfather had a beautiful vegetable garden in his backyard that I frequently admired and enjoyed the harvest of.  Over the years, I have attempted to create my own little garden with disastrous results.  After each failed attempt I've wondered if it's me or if it's what I'm trying to grow.  It's this reason that I decided to read Harvest by Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis.  Maybe this book could help me realize what has been missing in my gardening endeavors.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the gorgeous photography.  It has a rustic feel to it which is very calm and inviting.  The book is separated into three sections that align with the time of year that you should be planting these certain plants or vegetables.  There is early (late winter to early spring, mid (summer to early fall), and late (late fall to early winter)  For someone who knows nothing about gardening, I found this to be very helpful.

Not only are there vegetables and flowers that are included in this book but other "ingredient alternatives" like Edible Flower Garnishes, Simple Syrup, and even a wreath and garland.  This part had to be my favorite part of the entire book and only wish there were more.  Many of the decorative alternatives most likely will never be used by me but I can see those that do thrive in decorating loving them.  There really is something for everyone in this book.

For those that are knowledgable in gardening, this book could be disappointing but for anyone that is inexperienced like myself I think you will really enjoy it.  Even if you never try anything from the book itself, just flipping through and looking at the beautiful pictures is relaxing in and of itself.  

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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