Talking with God

Prayer has always been something that I've struggled with during my Christian walk.  It's not that I don't pray, but when I do I don't feel like I pray "right."  Words have never been hard for me to come by, but there is something about the pressure of praying to the God of the universe that gets me tongue tied every time.  I know I put too much pressure on myself and apparently I am not alone.

In Talking with God, Adam Weber has a wonderful way of taking off the pressure of prayer with one simple word: relationship.  When you look at prayer as developing a relationship with God it takes the pressure off in a lot of ways.  Think about starting a relationship with another person.  When you start a new relationship with someone, it takes time and attention to help that relationship grow.  The same is true with Jesus.  We need that time and attention both in prayer and in God's Word to help that relationship grow. 

Mr. Weber's own personal stories are sprinkled throughout the book and are the perfect touch.  It's like listening to an old friend instead of reading a book on prayer.  You never feel like Mr. Weber is talking above you, but having a conversation with you, building a beautiful relationship between author and reader.

This book was quick to read but packed full of wonderful nuggets of truth and stories that bring the author's points home and make the truth all so clear.  When you pray, you are literally talking to God.  It really is that simple.  

If, like myself, you've struggled with prayer, I HIGHLY recommend this book.  I no longer feel the burden that I felt before when it comes to prayer.  I am simply having a conversation with my Lord and building a relationship that will last for eternity.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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