Seven-Mile Miracle

For many Christians, today is the beginning of the lenten season.  Lint is 40 days in which you repent and refocus your life back to Christ in whatever way the Lord leads you.  I thought it would only be fitting that I share a book that takes you on a "journey into the presence of God through the last words of Jesus."

The Seven-Mile Miracle takes you through each of Jesus's last statements on the cross.  Seven is the number of completion in the Bible and the author makes each statement a "mile marker" on our Christian journey with Jesus Christ.

There were many viewpoints in this book that I've never considered before which were very thought-provoking and urged me to look into them further.  It is when I did more research that red flags were raised in my mind. 

For example, in the first "mile" when Jesus says, "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing," (Luke 23:34 NLT) the author's quote reads, "Forgive them.  Father, when they don't know what they're doing or even when they know exactly what they're doing."  That's not what the verse says!  I understand the point that the author is trying to make but when you are quoting the Bible you are not add or take away from it (see Revelation 22:19 and Deuteronomy 4:2).  I did not have enough time to look into the other verses as deeply as I did this one but it made me incredibly leery to read the rest of the book but since I agreed to review it, I did. 

The author's writing style is very easy to read and understand and I was able to finish this book quickly.  Despite the few red flags that were raised, going through each of Jesus's statements on the cross is a wonderful reminder of how amazing our Savior really is and how He endured it all for us, all for a relationship, all for love.  

I cannot honestly say if I recommend this book or not which is a first for me.  I will say, if you choose to read this book, I suggest you read it prayerfully and with caution.  Look up all the verses cited yourself to make sure that they are not taken out of context.  It is so easy to take many Christian books at face value these days but everything we read is not always right.  God's Word is the only reliable resource and what we read should be researched in the Bible so we know that it is right.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review

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