Breaking the Stronghold of Food

I have a problem.

I used to think that my problem was just being obese.  Being over 80lbs overweight is clearly a problem.  It's hard to do things I normally did in the past, I am constantly in pain, and none of my clothes fit me.  I hate looking in the mirror and am so embarrassed about my weight that I have stopped going out and enjoying life.  My problem is that I have allowed food to become an addiction and idol in my life and it is quite literally killing me but I honestly don't know how to break from this bondage.

I've never looked at my love of food as a sin or a stronghold but after reading Breaking the Stronghold of Food I now realize that my food addiction is an issue that I can no longer avoid.

When I first picked up this book I quite honestly wasn't sure what to expect.  This is not a book about any particular diet but more about the journey Michael Brown took to realize his unhealthy relationship with food and how, with the help of his wife Nancy, he has broken this stronghold in his life and has had victory over his addiction.  Nancy expresses her opinion throughout the book which I really enjoyed.  It's nice to get a woman's perspective on her husband's journey and she even shares her own story about breaking her personal food addiction at the end of the book.  

Throughout the book, Michael Brown references Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his books The End of Dieting and Eat to Live.  If you are wanting to know more about plan that Michael and Nancy followed to lose weight and gain control of their addictions you should check out both of these resources.  Breaking the Stronghold of Food is more about their personal testimonies as well as the spiritual aspect of food and how it can become more than just a way to sustain life. 

At the end of each chapter they have Questions for Reflection which helps you grasp a deeper understanding about what was discussed in that particular chapter and helps you as you begin your own journey to discovery.  The last chapter also has several recommendations to help you start your pilgrimage to breaking your bondage with food.

This book is very well written and I enjoyed reading about Michael and Nancy's journeys but I must be honest, I was hoping for more.  Many of the tips shared in the book are the same old tips that you read in almost every diet/weight loss book or blog.  I did enjoy the Biblical references which is a reminder to myself that God must be a big part of my weight loss story but other than that it was just one couple's weight loss journey by faith.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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