365 Morning Pocket Prayers

"Prayer is a privilege"

This is the first line of the introduction of the 365 Prayer Devotional.  When I read this line something just hit me.  Prayer IS a privilege and one that I more often than not take for granted.  This is why I am so thankful that God has put this book in my hand.

At first glance this little book is gorgeous!  The cover is so serene and has a leather-like feel to it.  It's a beautiful shade of blue and is small enough to carry around with you in a purse or backpack and does not take up much space on a desk. 

The days are numbered but not by specific dates which I like.  Some people like to read straight through while others like to jump around and the 365 Pocket Morning Prayers allows you to whatever is comfortable for you.  

Each prayer is a specific topic so if you wake up struggling with courage there is a prayer for that.  

As you can see each day is divided into three parts: the theme, the prayer, and a Bible verse.  The prayers are short, to the point, and relevant to our lives today.  I do not believe that prayers must be written for Christians.  That's one thing that is awesome about our faith!  We can tell the Father whatever is on our hearts whenever we want but there are times when the words do not come as easily and this is book just perfect for those times.

I've been keeping my copy on my bedside table and even though I haven't been using it every single day I love that it is there if and when I need it.  With Christmas around the corner, this would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for anyone in your life! What better gift to give than to start their day with prayer!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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