Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal

Gratitude.  It's something that's so easy when things in your life are going peachy and very tough when things aren't going so well BUT it's something we should be doing daily despite our circumstances.

When those times are tough and you're really struggling to be grateful it's nice to have something that will help you get out of that worry/stressed mindset into that peaceful/thankful frame of mind which is why I'm so excited to be showing off my new Gratitude Prayer & Praise Coloring Journal from Tyndale's Living Expressions Collection!

I was SO excited when Tyndale asked me to review this coloring journal.  I've been doing an adult coloring book on my iPad for awhile but have been scared to try my hand at actually coloring so to say that I was out of my element is an understatement.

After the sweet introduction you turn the page and on the left hand side there is a prayer and Bible verse and on the right side you can use the space to write out a prayer or journal about that days subject.  I love how they have a few things colored for you so you can get an idea of what you want to do but leave the majority of the border blank for you to color to your heart's content.

I decided to start with something small since I wanted to test out my Copic markers to see if I could use them since it's been awhile.  These little hearts colored beautifully but turn the page and....


I was so sad!!  I was really hoping to use markers but the paper is definitely not thick enough for it so I pulled out my colored pencils instead and got to work. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to fix my oops when I get to that page! LOL

The colored pencils do not give that smooth look that I love but it was still fun finishing my hot air balloon.  While I was coloring my little man came in asking what I was doing and asked if he could color a little too.  Since this page was telling me to love each other I decided that meant that my baby could add some of his artistic talent to my page.

While Dylan was coloring I remembered that I still had my Koh-I-Nor Woodless Color Pencils so I pulled those out and gave them a try.  They definitely colored a lot smoother which I preferred but Dylan stuck with the Crayola colored pencils.

My baby did a great job but I think he's a perfectionist like his Mama because this little bit took him quite awhile and he still wasn't happy with it.

I just love that I got to share this precious time with my son as well as talk about what it means to love one another.

I had meant to have our page completed when I posted this but my husband was rushed to the hospital Friday morning with a kidney stone so this weekend has not been what I had planned at all.  The stone came out this morning (praise the Lord!) but he is still sore and now I'm feeling like I'm trying to get a cold.  When it rains it pours but I'm being thankful through the storm! ;)

I do love how coloring gets your mind off of things and when you are coloring in a gratitude journal your mind automatically moves to the Scripture and how you can apply what you just read on the previous page to your life.  I am learning that coloring is a wonderful way for you to meditate and when I feel like writing there is space for me to do so.

I love everything about this journal except I do wish the pages were thicker for those of us that do not like coloring with colored pencils.  I did find out that there is an Inspire Creativity page on Pinterest that gives you ideas as well as free downloadable samples for not only this journal but others in the Living Expressions Collection.  One of the pins had a girl painting on her page so maybe that's my next coloring route.  If anyone has any good ideas for paints that wouldn't bleed let me know!

I'm off to color, journal, meditate, and be grateful through the storm. :)

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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